About TaxShield

TaxShield is a Fintech SaaS Platform used by industry’s leading tax organisations such as CrossLink to enhance the experience of their users. This one of a kind software tool makes it easy for tax preparers to gain valuable insights and real-time control of their day-to-day business.

Our Involvement

Enterprise Apps poses their own challenges, solution design needs to ensure it can not only scale but also comply with regulatory requirements and offers data protection to its users.

Taxshield chose Studio Fintech to leverage our FinTech expertise and build their web offering that included 3 portals and several third-party API integrations. We built the platform keeping ease of use and simplicity in mind to help customers claim allowable deductions easily.

This in turn has helped corporates like CrossLink in retaining employees by up to 67%.

Taxshield - Custom Fintech Software for Modern EROs by Studio Fintech
Taxshield - Custom Fintech Software Development for Modern EROs by Studio Fintech


Client Partners includes

CrossLink, uTax Software, TPG


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