At Studio Fintech, we leverage our Blockchain and marketing expertise to empower the next generation of Blockchain entrepreneurs. We aid innovative and exciting Blockchain startups by handling their entire ICO launch setup, so as to allow them in concentrating on their core business idea.

Our Bespoke ICO services allow Blockchain startups to customise there ICO launch package based on their exact needs and wants. We can offer you A to Z solutions from token development to post ICO launch services.

What differentiates Studio Fintech’s
ICO launch services from the rest?

Expedite your tokens
to all major exchanges

We will not just develop the tokens for you, but would Also add it to all major exchanges like Coinbase, Coinmama, Bitpanda, luno, and etc.

End-to-end product
development partners

We provide you discovery and all the pre-development support to need to position your ICO and at the same time, we also provide you with post-development, marketing, and PR support to promote your ICO services.

Security assurance

We understand the crucial dynamics of the ICO industry and how important is to have secure platforms for winning users and standing out of other ICOs. Studio Fintech provides a multi-layer security system, thereby assuring security in our ICO platforms.

What we cover in
ICO development?

White paper creation And consultation

White paper creation consultation

White paper is one such crucial document that defines the entire platform, its functionalities, advantages, features and we, at Studio Fintech help you in drafting and analysing the wholesome white paper document for your custom ICO Launch.

ICO promotion and marketing support

ICO promotion and marketing support

We have you covered not only in the discovery, planning and development process of the platform but also in providing you with PR and marketing support for your ICO.

Multisig wallet support

Multisig wallet support

We can help you with multiple signatures authorised transactions in your ICO platform, which would provide an added level of security for your users.

Multi-currency support

Multi-currency support

We can set up our smart contracts for you in such a way that they can offer transactions for multiple currencies like bitcoin, wave, ripple, etc.

Fund-raising dashboard & Landing Pages

Fund-raising dashboard & Landing Pages

The user interface of the platform would provide you with landing pages for fundraising which would be easy to navigate.

Security Token Development

Security Token Development

Security token could be the ideal solution, they are the assets and securities which adhere to the SEC regulations. Studio Fintech can help you with creating security tokens over your own private blockchain thereby offering you more control and credibility over your assets.

Your complete
ICO launch process partners

  1. Brainstorming for ideas and white paper generation

    Studio Fintech with you would ideate your custom ICOs Unique selling propositions, pen them down beautifully in a white paper.

  2. Analysis of legalities

    One of the most crucial elements to analyse is to research about the legalities around ICOs and cryptocurrency in your targeted geography. Creating an Initial Coin Offering which adheres to proper legalities would be more easy to promote and receive funding from investors.

  3. Develop the ICO platform

    Studio Fintech would develop the platform for you keeping in mind your requirements. Our development services have a proven record of offering scalability and security for handling any number of users on your platform.

  4. Promote your ICO and create buzz around it

    Everyday a new ICO is launched in the market and to keep up with the competition you need create buzz around your platform, make it popular across Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups, Instagram and local blockchain and cryptocurrency forums and social networks.

  5. Add your tokens on all major exchanges

    You need to add your tokens on all popular crypto exchange platforms.

Why Studio Fintech for your
ICO launch?

Cryptocurrency and
Blockchain experts

Studio Fintech has a dedicated wing to research and develop Blockchain and Cryptocurrency platforms. Our team has created various successful 10+ Blockchain projects comprising token exchanges & ICO launches spread across the globe.

In and out research on ICOs and
security token development

With our experience, we can consult you on the current trends in the ICO sphere, the regulations & legal issues surrounding this industry and how to go about them and launch your ICO, DAICO or security token in no time.

Scalable and
secure applications

Studio Fintech, a venture of Systango Technologies has been providing development services to enterprises and start-ups for the past 10 years and has strong experience in delivering scalable and secure applications.


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